Wouldn’t it be great to have a towable cooler that follows your kayak or canoe with cold beverages, water, and fresh sandwiches? Or if you get your hands on some fish, wouldn’t it be great to keep your catch fresh until you can cook it? This is exactly what CreekKooler floating cooler offers you. It floats nicely on rivers and lakes, as well as serves as a great beach, camping, and road companion. Unlike the cooler bags or ice chests, these towable coolers don’t need any space on your boat, which means you get some extra room to fit in more of your stuff. Who doesn’t want that!

You may find many inflatable coolers being introduced in the market, but they are not as reliable as this canoe-shaped cooler. With the strong exterior, there is a zero percent chance of popping (unlike those inflatable coolers) and hence you get a worry-free trip.

If you are looking for a cooler for your kayak, canoe or boat, some factors serve as a benchmark. You need to look out for important features such as ice retention, size, transportation, practicality, and versatility (multi-function). You can find all these functions in the floating cooler by CreekKooler.


Let’s have a deep look at this intelligently designed cooler:

The CreekKooler floating cooler has a capacity of 30 quarts that lets it hold around 30 cans of 12-ounce cans along with 20 pounds (over 9 kgs) of ice. It has a 2 inches thick foamed insulation and a double-wall blow molded construction. The cooler is ideal when you are on a trip that takes a couple of days as it offers extensive ice retention of 48 hours. So even after two days, you can enjoy an ice-cold beer and a fresh snack!

It is 39.5 inches long, 21 inches wide, and 12 inches high. It has a wide locking-lid that can be nicely sealed to keep the contents waterproof. The CreekKooler has been designed with great quality material and attention to detail where every piece serves a purpose. On top of the cooler, you have a place for your miniflag too.

This towable cooler floats at an arm’s length from your kayak or canoe. It has 4 drink holders on the deck which let you enjoy your drinks while in water or above it. And in days when you are not using it as a cooler, the CreekKooler works as a great dry storage container.

The floating CreekKooler comes in 5 colors: blue, white, red, beige, and yellow. You can choose from its printed range of CreekKooler Custom or go for a smaller capacity of 15 quarts with CreekKooler Pup. We will talk more about these later in the article.

The CreekKooler has two carrying handles which make its transportation a breeze. You can co-carry it with a friend, drag it solo, or tow it behind your boat. It adapts with your needs providing you with a well-designed multifunctional cooler.

How to Use?

To use your floatable CreekKooler, fill it with 20 pounds (around 9 kgs) with ice cubes along with your beverages and pre-packed lunches. Seal the lid by tightly closing it, which will keep the inside cold, fresh, and waterproofed.

If you are going on a kayak or canoe trip, you may not find many tree shades throughout your trip; and then there is this big scorching sun. If you have any heat-sensitive gadget, you can seal-lock it in a bag and put it inside the cooler as well. You can use this versatile cooler in so many ways.

It has dual handles that let you conveniently transport the CreekKooler by carrying, dragging, or towing. Although it is designed to tow behind your boat, there is no designated hole for a rope. But that doesn’t create any problems. For attaching this hull shaped cooler with your kayak or canoe, take a tow rope and attach one of the handles with your boat. Tada! You have a mobile cooler following you wherever you go.

CreekKooler Custom and CreekKooler Pup Products

The 30 quarts CreekKooler is designed to cater to all your needs. You have the option to choose from five attractive colors, however, if you want to have a patterned exterior with the same cargo-style storage capacity and impressive insulation features, you can go for the CreekKooler Custom range. It comes in 3 designs: Soggy Bottom Timber, Marlin, and the Duck Pond Marsh Camo – all designed to blend in different surroundings.

If you need a smaller storage option for a day trip or an overnight adventure, there is nothing better than the CreekKooler Pup. It offers the same intelligent design and matches the unmatched quality of all CreekKooler products.

With a more compact size and two drink holders on the top, the Pup has 28 inches of length, 15 inches of width, and 8.75 inches of height. It has a capacity of 15 quartz and is good for keeping 15 cans of your favorite beverage cold. Just put in 10 pounds (around 4 kgs) of ice and your CreekKooler Pup is ready to join you on your adventures. This small-sized hull-shaped floating cooler comes in 3 striking colors of red, orange, and green; and can keep your precious drinks and food items cold for up to 24 hours.

Pros and Cons of Creek Kooler

The CreekKooler floating cooler offers you many unmatched advantages. Let’s have a look at its pros and cons


  • Towable and floatable – it is shaped like a kayak, so it floats well in water and does not take any space on your boat/ kayak.
  • Sturdy – it is made with great quality material and does not pop like some inflatable coolers out there.
  • Versatile – it can be used in water or on land; it also works as a great storage container.
  • Spacious – it can carry 30 cans (12-oz) along with 20lbs of ice.
  • Great insulation keeps the items cold for 2 days (48 hours).
  • Lids screws on tightly keeping the inside water-free and heat-free.
  • Attention to details – 4 cup holders, 2 carrying handles, and a tiny flag post to give your cooler some character.


  • Relatively expensive – as compared to its competitors that offer cooler bags, ice chests, and inflatable options.
  • As compared to some of the ice chests that offer stronger insulation and cooling for up to 5 days, the CreekKooler can be ideally used for 2 days.
  • There is no special hole for towing it with the boat. You need to tie one of its handles with the tow rope (however, the handles can easily be tied up and towed).


The floatable Creek Kooler is the future of watersport coolers and works great on land as well. It has a strong structure and floats perfectly well in lakes and rivers. Many inflatable coolers are prone to popping when passing through a rough patch of dry shrubs, rocks, or branches in water – but not this one! And this is exactly what makes it stand out from the crowd of coolers. The kayak-shaped exterior and high-quality material make sure it faces all the rough rigged external conditions without creating a ripple!